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SheHive is an ecosystem of support for women entrepreneurs. We help women overcome obstacles to entrepreneurship.

Taking that first step to start something new can be quite daunting. Women tend to me more risk averse than men and often think hard before starting on a new endeavor. Rightly so – they think about the skills and training they
require, the financial investment required and they often wish they had a business mentor – a “go to” person to talk to. We therefore decided to create a supportive community of entrepreneurs and professionals who wanted to help other women entrepreneurs do just this. Thus was borne SheHive.

She Hive offers a rewards-based crowdfunding platform exclusively for women entrepreneurs looking to raise between £500 and £50,000 of capital. We also have an engaged community of entrepreneurs and mentors who want to help build and support others in this journey.

• We provide women entrepreneurs the opportunity to get the money they need to launch or grow their business, project or idea.
• We work on an all-or-nothing funding model allowing the campaigners the opportunity to use the platform and process as a way to test their idea in the open market. If they can’t get it funded, more likely than not, the business model needs revision.
• The platform is rewards based. In exchange for capital, you will be providing products or services related to your business rather than any equity in your business.
• If the project isn’t funded, it doesn’t cost you anything, and you can revise and post a new campaign.
• It provides a way to publicise and rally support via social media behind your business and connect with supporters and potential customers.

So what makes it so different than other crowdfunding sites?


The SheHive crowdfunding platform is designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs, or majority owned women’s businesses. What makes it truly unique – is that for the investors – while they support women entrepreneurs through funding their campaigns – they can also grow their own businesses as at least one of the “backer rewards” must be a product/service etc. that helps other women entrepreneurs learn from your own experience.
For example, Hannah is raising funds to start her own baking business. Her campaign goal is £5000 to outfit her shop and purchase essential equipment. Her standard rewards for backers are different levels of campaign support which provides her backers with baked goods. However, her one reward focused on giving back to the SheHive women entrepreneur community is that she will share the top PR tips she’s learned, and a guide on  how to put together a press kit, and a contact list of the top Food journalists, editors and bloggers in the UK.
Hannah’s Rewards:
  • £25 reward = 1 dozen cup cakes
  • £50 reward = 2 dozen cupcakes & apron with logo
  • £50 reward = top PR tips, press kit, contact list of top Foodie writers
  • £75 reward = 4 dozen cupcakes, apron with logo & bread basket
  • £100 reward = tea party for 10 people


We are here to answer your questions about crafting compelling crowdfunding campaigns. Whether it’s a question about how to figure out how much you should ask for, what are the top tips for videos or how-to’s on how to engage your supporters via social media – we are here for you, every step of the way. We have a comprehensive knowledgebase of frequently asked questions and tips. We have an email support system, community forum and one-on-one guidance when you need it.


We have an online community of women entrepreneurs and crowdfunders. Connect and engage with other motivated like-minded women and get the support, motivation and guidance you need to successfully move forward.

Posted on October 19, 2013 By jackie